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Thank You American Glazers!

I slipped and fell in my tub and the shower glass shattered. I'm 75yrs old. I got all cut up and was scared, standing in the glass. I replaced the shower glass but was still to scared to get back in the tub without a Non-Slip bottom. I called American Glazers, LLC and they came out the very next morning to re-glaze my tub and give me a non-slip bottom. Thank you so much for making me feel at home again and helping me so fast. Dawn even put two extra coats at the bottom free of charge- just to make sure that never happened to me again!


Tom~ of Melbourne

Custom Countertop Looks Great American Glazers, Thanks!!!

I called American Glazers, LLC to come out and Re-Glaze my two showers. They turned out so good that I decided to have Dawn do my countertops as well. I decided to have her stain my bare wood countertops that I had custom built. Well after she was done "which they turned out great" but then my situation changed at the last minute and I asked Dawn if she could RE-Do them and that I didn't know what I wanted. I thought I would get a frown but I didn't. Instead, Dawn said, "ok Sir, No Problem". She asked me a few questions about what I was looking for and then offered her opinion on designing it herself. I'm a busy restaurant owner and I said ok. I'm leaving it up to you! I went to work the next day and came home to a BRAND NEW KITCHEN! Dawn gave me a CUSTOM ONE OF A KIND COPPER METALLIC COUNTERTOP! It's MORE THAN I WANTED! She said she decided to add the copper metallic because I told her my backsplash tile had silver & copper in it. She did so good, I also had her paint my restaurant; in which I was only closed 24 hours for this to happen. Another miracle she DID GREAT and PULLED IT OFF IN 23 HOURS!  Wow!!! American Glazers 5 STARS!!!!!!

Thank You~ Pub Americana' - Cocoa Village  

Totally Excited!

I was remodeling both of my bathrooms and I live on a fixed income due to a car accident. I was referred to American Glazers because Dawn is known as being very easy to work with and I explained my situation. I told her I would only be able to do one bathroom at a time. One this month and one next month, but I wouldn't know exactly the day and would need her here a.s.a.p. when I called. She told me, NO PROBLEM JOHN....that was fine and she would be ready and waiting for my call. Everything turned out great and I got both my bathrooms remodeled on a fixed income by calling American Glazers, LLC.

Thank You so much; Always A Happy Customer,

John~ Merritt Island

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