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American Glazers LLC

Don't replace it, Re-Glaze it!


Cost effective.

Fast and clean.

     Make a smart investment by saving $100's-$1000's by Re-Glazing your already existing surfaces.


Easy Kitchen & Bath Upgrades

American Glazers LLC is a re-glazing company located in Brevard County, Florida. We offer all sorts of different options when it comes to updating kitchen countertops & bathrooms on a budget. We can color match your existing colors or design your very own look using our color chart or many multi-spec options. We offer a No-Hassle Guarantee on the re-glazed surfaces. Re-Glazing has dynamic results! It's just simply simple. Save time & money re-glazing. Don't miss out, call 321-795-5801

Thank you for your business.


Why Re-Glaze?

Bathtub & Kitchen reglazing is often considered when you do not have the time or money to replace the existing units. When a new tub is installed, often the tile around the tub will need to be replaced to fit the height or width of the new unit. So refinishing makes a lot of sense when all you desire is replacing the fixtures and creating a new look in your bathroom or kitchen. Often this method has been used to cover up and beautify outdated or unwanted color schemes.

American Glazers LLC offers many different services when it comes to Re-Glazing. Keep looking through our website to see all the different options reglazing can offer you!

We are here to save you money, time, & Comfort! Let us restore beauty back into your home while saving you money! Don't replace it, Re-Glaze it! Think smarter by re-glazing.

American Glazers, LLC



Does Bathtub Reglazing Work and How Long Will It Last?

Many people wonder if the process of bathtub reglazing is worth the time, money and effort they put forward to this project. Will it achieve the desired results and turn an old worn out tub back to it's former glory? Will its refinished look last long? The answer to these questions is "YES" if the bathtub reglazing job is done professionally and by an experienced reglazing professional.

Bathtubs & Showers

Extend the life of your bathtub for over 15 years! Save a fraction of the cost by Re-Glazing.  No mess- no demolition or hassles.

Project is completed within hours or a couple days at most. Licensed and Certified Techs!

Countertops & Vanities

We do not replace your countertops or cabinets. We make them beautiful again! Quick & affordable solutions. For cabinets we can Re-Glaze them what ever color you want. For your countertops we have the Multi-spec coatings to give the look of a Stone Spec finish with many colors to choose from. We can customize a look for you as well. Plenty of options here!


We will repair rust, chips or cracks and restore the surface to look and feel like new. You'll save $100's-$1000's and avoid days or weeks of demolition mess and costly replacement.

 Re-Glaze Photos of Tubs, Tile, & Accessories

Re-Glazing Has Lasting Effects

When done properly bathtub reglazing will last many years. If you hire a professional to complete the job, you will be assured lasting results and you will get a warranty. After your tub is reglazed and if you care for the new surface properly you will also ensure its long term effects. When you treat the tub with care, the reglazing will last 10-15 years before another application is needed.

If you are considering reglazing one or more of your tub surfaces, you can be assured that when you hire a professional the results will be fantastic and your new surface will last for many years to come. Ask us any questions ANYTIME! We service all of Brevard County and surrounding areas.

American Glazers LLC


No Hassle Guarantee

Bathroom Refinishing Results

A lot of the results of this project depend upon the skill of the technician doing the job and the quality of the materials they have to work with. Bathtub reglazing is not a mystery and is based on sound chemistry, but one of the most neglected and least understood areas when attempting to do this project is surface preparation and spraying techniques. The experienced professionals will clean and prepare the surface for bonding. The bonding creates a fresh solid surface that looks and feels brand new. By hiring a licensed & insured company, with an established reputation with friends, neighbors or businesses around you, is the only way to guarantee you get the results and beautiful bath tub you desire. American Glazers LLC 321-795-5801

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